TMWK X Zee Reach Feat. PA & Infinite Styles ” Can’t Sleep” – Sleediz Records

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Out April 04, 2016 – Digital Release
(SLDZ036) Sleediz Records, France

Welcome into the world of chillin & powerfull Trap shit.

After a while, since his first trappy EP release «WTFUT», TMWK is back with the new single called «Ͼ∆И’₮ ϨⱢЄ€Ᵽ». For those who don’t know him, TMWK is an Italian producer living in France and dropping some beats when he got time to escape the mafia. Zee Reach is alongside to shape his tracks and this time, it is with PA. & Infinite Styles (COALITION HIP HOP) from Connecticut USA, both producers out this very powerful chill international trap tune. Due to their endless creativity every song surprises with a huge bass and different sounds influences. TMWK always give us something new and crosses different genres. Just listen this single and you will be trapped!

Source by Sleediz

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