Sweet Distraction – music video – song by The Upper Strata

The first song on side B of Neon Glitz – Sweet Distraction is a new wave inspired dance tracks. The lyrics are addressing the way that love can shelter you from the harsh and cruel aspects of life.

The video is entirely animated in Adobe Photoshop. It was created for out live show and is projected on top of us as a stage element.

Limited edition vinyl released July 7, 2017 available on https://theupperstrata.bandcamp.com/album/neon-glitz

All songs written and performed by Jonathan & Regula Sanchez
All lyrics by Jonathan Sanchez

Video by SanchezArtWerk

Produced and recorded by The Upper Strata
Engineered and mixed by Regula Sanchez
Mastering for vinyl by Adam Gonsalves, Telegraph Mastering, Portland OR
Pressed at Cascade Record Pressing, Portland OR

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