SOUTH TRAIN Independent Artist United Making the Hippest Trip at the Border

    SAN DIEGO, CA, September 01, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — SOUTH TRAIN 2021 is proud to announce an exciting lineup of well renowned visual artists, dancers, film makers and electronic musicians. In collaboration with production companies that support the arts in the cities of Los Angeles, San Diego in the US, Tijuana and Ensenada in Mexico. The shows are open to the public and FREE.

South Train is a bi-national festival comprised of artists from Los Angeles , San Diego, Tijuana and Ensenada who continue to create despite the challenges of the pandemic on their industry. More than 60 artists from a diverse array of disciplines gather to produce a 4-part series of virtual experiences; featuring captivating winner Smithsonian The Outwin 2021 Hugo Crosthwaite, music by Grammy- nominated artist Bostich, music made from brain waves by MDAP, violinist and electronic music M A L U, contemporary dance by Pita Zapot and many artist more. 30 project productions as Vanguard Culture Collective, Bread and Salt Gallery, Nett Nett Radio, So CAL Synth Society, The Front Arte Cultura.

South Train premiere Wednesday, September 1, 8 pm.

Wednesday 8,15 and 22, September 2021.

South Train


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