Rocket Science Artist Services Launches Music Brokering Support for Independent Artists and Labels

Leading Artist Services Company Helps Content Owners Navigate Fast-Growing Music Catalog Sales Sector

Press Release

updated: Aug 9, 2021

As independent artists continue to take the music industry by storm, veteran artist services company Rocket Science Artist Services announced today the expansion of its music catalog brokering program. With a focus on independent artists and labels, Rocket Science will add to its suite of services by providing brokering services for music copyright and content transactions amid the frenzy of sales and acquisitions that is currently dominating the industry. In alignment with the company’s independent roots, brokerage services will be focused on the growing—yet underserved—music catalog sale transactions under the $5 million threshold.

Rocket Science is led by President Kevin Day, a music industry executive with more than two decades of experience managing marketing and business development for major music labels and artist teams. He founded Rocket Science after observing the ongoing need to provide services to major label artists who were often left without contract during the contraction of the music industry in the early 2000s. With independent artists amassing increased market share and commercial success in recent years, Day and his highly experienced team at Rocket Science leverage their collective knowledge to help these artists maximize their exposure and increase revenue.

“Music catalog sales have quickly become the fastest-growing segment in the music industry, with unprecedented multimillion dollar sales announced nearly every week,” said Day. “Beyond the superstar names and large ‘heritage artist’ transactions, there is a growing, underserved market for independent artists and labels. At Rocket Science, we’ve closed multiple deals in the past several months, and we want to ensure our clients’ best interests and options are top of mind when facilitating a sale of their creative content. We know the content buyers and will negotiate and present a variety of options in this complicated, rapidly changing acquisition marketplace. We are eager to discuss options with new clients who are interested in exploring the many opportunities in what is often a very personal decision to sell their creative content.”

While music catalog sales remain at the forefront of music industry news, the growth of the independent artist business is one that has contributed to the continued expansion of Rocket Science. Research released in 2020 by Raine predicted the independent sector would generate $2 billion in revenue, representing 32% year-over-year growth from 2019. Today, the independent music market is the fastest growing segment in the industry, representing more than 40% of the entire recorded music business.

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About Rocket Science

Rocket Science is an artist services platform founded in 2006 providing marketing services, monetization support and brokers catalog sales. Rocket Science functions as a fully-independent artist and label service platform, serving the rapidly accelerating independent artist and label eco-system. To learn more about Rocket Science, visit

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