Producer/artists “Gospeel” new releases in pre-production stage

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Trap Artist "Gospeel"

Chilean producer and artist Gospeel is about to release a series of new installments as part of a co-production agreement with MDX Media Group.

Last week the MDX scouting team began searching for locations for two videos. The particularity of this series of productions is that they will be performed in exotic locations in the Atacama desert, the driest on the planet.

With an area of ​​105,000 square kilometers, the Atacama desert is located in the north of Chile, among the most outstanding characteristics is the presence of an exotic fauna adapted for survival in extreme conditions, extreme dryness, the presence of the Cordillera de the Andes with great mountain ranges and the highest volcano in the world.

The Atacama desert registers the highest concentration of solar radiation on the planet, clear skies with great visibility, which is why important astronomical projects are present in this territory. Mining activity is of great importance, in these territories large volumes of strategic minerals such as copper and lithium are produced. Chile is the largest copper exporter in the world, contributing a little more than 30% of the annual production on the planet.

“It is an extraordinary opportunity to record the beauty of this territory combined with the unique characteristics of the urban musical style of Chile, Gospeel born in the Atacama region, he is an emerging musical talent that presents us with a different theme, full of feeling and melodies with lyrics that reflect the life and experiences of the youth of one of the most extreme territories on the planet. We decided that the production unit would have local talent, these videos will be unique and different, certainly a contribution to the state of the art of global urban music ”. Roy Zderich, a member of the MDX Media Group executive production team, pointed out.

Gospeel is a young producer and urban artist based in the city of Copiapo, at his young age he has managed to develop a particular style. He is a musician, producer and singer, has a repertoire of more than 60 original songs.

MDX Media Group is a privately owned company based in the state of Florida, US, which provides a comprehensive solution for Artists and institutions for the production, distribution and monetization of content through all digital channels and formats.

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