Philly Hip-Hop Artist Mz Genesiz Gets a Shout-Out From Rap Icon Remy Ma

North Philadelphia-based rap artist Mz Genesiz is ushering in a new edge in the contemporary hip-hop scene with meaningful compositions

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updated: Aug 31, 2021

Talk about the most promising emerging talents in the hip-hop world today and Mz Genesiz is sure to be on the top list with élan. The Philly hip-hop artist is already winning hearts with her signature soulful lyrics and has recently gotten a shout-out from none other than rap legend Remy Ma.

Mz Genesiz has just released two Crossover records “Doing Me” and “Patience.” Both are available for streaming and purchase on

In a recent video, Remy Ma said she saw Mz Genesiz’s freestyle videos and thoroughly enjoyed them. She was also seen quoting Mz Genesiz’s lyrics “I don’t have friends, My real kins is my daughters.”

“I am feeling on top of cloud 9,” said the talented Philly hip-hop artist when asked about her experience on being appreciated by the rap star.

“Remy Ma is not only one of my favorite rappers but also someone who I have always looked up to. I grew up listening to her music; she has been one of the biggest influences behind my passion for hip-hop today. And to receive a shout-out from her is like a dream come true for me. Part of me is thrilled and extremely grateful to her for such kind words. Her generosity will always remain a huge inspiration for me.”

One of the most widely followed emerging hip-hop stars today, Mz Genesiz aims to set the bar high in the hyper-sexualized world of female rap with her heart-touching lyrics and soulful compositions. Her songs stand out with her signature poignant rap, which strikes a chord with listeners and also keeps alive the quintessential hip-hop vibe.

A dynamic, bold and visionary woman, the Philly artist overcame difficulties as a single teenage mother and is now a highly successful real estate broker. Next to music, real estate is her second passion and, today, the serial entrepreneur owns multiple premier real estate firms across the globe. Life has never been a cakewalk for her and she had her fair share of struggles for years. But the braveheart never allowed the adversities to dampen her spirit — rather she took strength from them and emerged as a strong successful woman who is independent enough to pursue her dreams and raise her daughters.

Mz Genesiz has also written a self-help guide, “Stop Hiding You Will Never Be Perfect,” which is currently available on Amazon.

“Life is not fair and you will encounter serious challenges. But you cannot let them bog down your spirit and deter you from pursuing your dreams. I hope my music and story will empower my listeners to rise above all challenges and find the courage to make their dreams come true.”

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