Ojai by Michael Armstrong

It is 5:21 am and I am writing this review of the album “Ojai” by Michael Armstrong, English, born in South London. While working on our new content distribution platform, I came across a press release prepared by Lisa Davies (music promotion teacher) that caught my attention.

Once the album (Ojai) was located on Spotify, I started to listen. I capture the quality of the musical arrangements, the execution, the great vocal warmth of Michael, they are songs created with mastery and with heart. They are records with technical hit quality, but that are yet to be discovered, they must be discovered by more people.

This album sounds very well recorded to me, very well produced, with a very correct mix, mastered to sound kind to the ear, it reminds me of master records of the 90’s where many analog process chains were used, equipment that today are a treasure, taste that not all can be given. It certainly sounds like the high-end productions of the record label’s golden age. (Michael financed his own production).

The best tricks we learned from the 70’s and 80’s but with digital recording, that’s how I feel it in my ear, trained for more than 30 years (sometimes tortured too) in all kinds of musical genres. This is the kind of work you want to hear with better quality near field monitoring. As soon as my new monitors arrive I will listen to it again.

Passion for Music: Michael (47) shows us that he is musically strong and solid, that age is not an impediment to fulfill our desires and that quality is as important as creativity. I clarify that I am generally listening to other musical genres, I am not a fan of this particular style of music, however I did listen to the entire album.

“Ojai” It is a beautiful album, that will not disappoint you, Michael is a true artist, Success!

Roy A. Zderich
Producer, Media and digital Distribution coordinator at MDX

Michael’s web site: https://www.michaelarmstrongmusic.co.uk/

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