Mubert Turned Out to Be a Platform That Connects Artists, Content Creators and Brands

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Press Release

Dec 8, 2021 12:00 EST

The main mission of Mubert is to empower and protect the creators. With that goal in mind, and driven by a passion for music, the team behind the platform built a set of features to enable sound producers to enhance their music with ease. 

The process is quite simple – the artist uploads a sample pack to Mubert Studio, tags samples across a variety of inputs for a more “controlled” composition and shares the result via links.

The tool might be used for inspiration, enhancing the fan base with an experimental approach, or, last but not least, for monetizing samples by letting our users and clients generate tracks for their content from those sample packs.

Music Stock 2.0

How does Mubert differ from common music stocks?

First, it sees music quality and diversity as the key determinants of enhancing user-generated content – that is why the company is open to submissions of sample packs of literally any genre, while stocks demand compliance with tough requirements.

Second, Mubert democratizes the process, reducing the time spent on the creation of music content being submitted. Instead of composing and mastering multiple tracks, sound designers produce sample packs and the AI handles all the composition issues. In other words, those sample packs autonomously generate income for the authors.

Finally, Mubert is to create a unique marketplace where content creators, agencies, and brands will be able to directly purchase and license music from the artists they love. 

Our Partners

One of our core missions is to ease music licensing in the post-DMCA era. For years, Mubert has been helping companies and creators to eliminate any copyright issues by providing safe-to-use music in 120+ genres.

Mubert partnered with worldwide brands (Adidas, Sheba, Miller), agencies (BBDO, Sixieme Son, Geometry) and leading services for content creators (PicsArt, Restream) as well as a bunch of health-and-wellness apps.

With the growth of the Creator Economy, the company “stepped into the future,” partnering with Metaverses (Sensorium Galaxy, XRavers), digital influencers and multiple NFT projects. 

Industry Professionals Choose Mubert as a Tool for Innovative Music Experience

Among musicians who use Mubert to lift their sound are Etapp Kyle, Korea Town Acid and Ruaridh Law, just to name a few. When it comes to AI artists, among many, the startup supported Malivar’s digital influencer and multiple virtual DJs to generate their tracks. 

Mubert started with experimental electronic music, moved into classical genres and now it expanded to literally any of the existing (and non-existing) ones. 

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