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The Final Touch of your Masterpiece

30 years of mastering experience with the latest technology.


MDX Master Labs: Continuing with a legacy of more than 30 years innovating the world of music with digital technologies, MDX Master Labs is our value added professional mastering services with the highest standards, available to the Global market and yet affordable for emerging artists.

 Mission: To bring to the global market the best possible Mastering Results capturing the experiences of the best engineers by implementing innovative workflows and creative approaches in modern service processes.   


Miguel Bahamonde G. Chief Engineer:

With Over 30 years in the world of audio as sound engineer, sound post producer, musicalizer, music producer with a deep specialization in Mastering. Miguel work has been recognized in England, Mexico, USA and Chile. More than 100 Feature Films dubbed into Spanish, participating both as Recording and Mixing Engineer and Quality Supervisor, also making soundtracks for companies such as Metro Goldwyn Meyer, Vestron Orion, among others. He have collaborated giving seminars in Universities, Jury of various contests, and author of technical articles on mastering for the Hispanic community of audio and music lovers founded on Music Player and other internet sites such as Harmony He also complemented the portfolio in the world of music production with more than 200 mastered albums. and provided professional collaboration to artists such as Moby (England), among others.


Roy A. Zderich Chief of Technology:

 With Over 30 years in the Tech startup world, as Co-Founder of different successful companies such Digital Media Developtment, Westwood Technologies, Cyberia,  Audio Digital Xtreamcast, Paynow, ADX and MDX brands and Global Digital Ventures starup investor.  Roy had contributed to the tech world with innovations in the streaming, web hosting and cloud technologies markets. He also serve as board member or senior advisor for both private companies and governments.  


Our process

WE Care, WE Listen

We want to help achieve the creative objectives of each project, complying with the best industry practices, preserving the original identity while achieving the most competitive results possible.

Our process includes listening and understanding the characteristics of each project, understanding the characteristic qualities of the best exponents of each genre, and managing to raise the artistic work to a competitive and technically correct level.

Our Technology

The best of the Best in the greatest hands, our wizards (Engineers).

Our main focus is to raise the final quality of musical creations so that they reach their maximum potential. Using a combination of tools in the digital and analog domain, plus technical expertise and creative criteria, we deliver a high-quality result that adds value to the artistic work.



DLX Mastering Process (DLX) was developed by Engineer Miguel Bahamondes G.  These technology, alows high definition resample and  Analog summing to bring back to the audio, the amazing properties of Classic analog mixing before the final Mastering process. 

DLX HD Summing

DLX Summing offer better low frecuency response with High end analog mixing

About Neve

One of the most influential brands on the Music Industry, Rupert Neve technologies contributed to improve Music Quality around the world. 

High Definition (DLX) Mastering samples

Get better results by choosing MDX Master Labs Today!
DLX Master Demo – La banda del Capitan Corneta – Hablé con Dios
DLX Master Demo – Inti – Illimani – La Pequeña Lima
DLX Master Demo – Denisse Malebran – Puente

We help you discover the perfect tone style using a very large set of plugins with high quality modelling and our own experimental processing chains. Also our expert ears can bring you great suggestions. The end result is a set of custom audio process chains you can implement by yourself or a set of audio files with the whole process rendered. 



Let our engineers bring your great suggestions on unique tone properties and sound for your voices and or different instruments. You can profile your voice to achieve a custom voice process hosted by MDX or get the process workflow to implement yourself. Achieve great quality and save time and resources.

Our services

Master for digital platforms

Perfect and or optimal Mastering results that bring your Musical masterpiece the final touches. Apple Certified digital masters and DLX (Deluxe Master version with Neve Analog signal summing) also available.

Audio doctoring

We can solve complex audio problems, fix a mix or go more in deep to accomplish some specific goal on a project.


Do you have some challenge that need expert audio advice from our staff? let us know how we can help.

Customer Support

Service Support with SLA

Mastering is a critical stage just before any song release, we understand you operate under an strict dead line. We provide customer support and promptly response to your requirements.

Priority Support

Can't wait in a queue?, you can get priority with our express and premium service packages.

Online service platform

You can order, pay and follow complex service cases using our online platform. Wonder how is your mastering process going? how long it will take? get promptly responses with our state of the art customer care platform.


Most frequent questions and answers

Normal cicle it’s 7 business days, you can order a priority Master service (express Master) to jump into a hi priority queue (48 to 24 hrs depending on demand).