Leonardo Le San Releases Music Video for the New Single “Nocturne to Luz Ofelia”

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    PHILADELPHIA, PA, September 30, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — The video was filmed at the Grand Opera House in Wilmington, DE, and directed by Christopher Stout. The audio engineer was Iver Atkins from Brooklyn’s Skillman Studio. The music and imagery are a tribute to Leonardo Le San’s mother, who died in July of 2021:
Watch here:

“Nocturne to Luz Ofelia for solo piano was inspired by my wonderful mother,” says Leonardo Le San. “A musical composition has an embryonic beginning followed by the emergence of a theme and its development. Similarly, human life has an infant phase in which survival depends on the mother or caregiver and the conditions of the habitat. I admired my mother’s grit and tenacity but also her loving and caring spirit. The nocturne came to me at a point when she was about to pass away. She was able to hear the piece over a video call. Her eyes seemed very engaged in the music even though her speech had almost vanished by then. My mother showed me that there is also beauty in the dying process in some way connected to the radiance of the beginning of life.

“Luz was born in Colombia and moved to the US in the 90s. She was devoted to caring for my brother and me while working full-time alongside my father. My mother was gifted with numbers and had memorized the phone number and birthdate of everyone she met throughout her life. The way she connected to numbers, I connected to musical notes.

“During the writing process of this work, I was able to recreate my mother’s happiest moments before the illness. But the final moments of her life, as painful and difficult as they were, left an impression in my mind of peace and beauty. That’s the trajectory that the music took inspired by her courage, grace, and beautiful life. The nocturne’s opening theme came from the sorrow and grief I felt during my mother’s final days. As the piece developed into the middle section, a higher image of her of peace and beauty emerged. The composition is contrasted between episodes of anguish and grief but always returning to a place of calmness and splendor.”
Listen Here:

This piece builds on previous works by Leonardo that have been performed at Carnegie Hall, The Palace, Ehrbar Hall in Vienna, The Merkin Hall, The White House, The Harvard Musical Association, etc. He is the recipient of the El Award and the Golden Key first place medal in Vienna. The composer is currently writing new works for violinist Leerone Hakami of Juilliard, Duo Villa-Lobos from Naxos, Scottish concert pianist Edward Cohen, and orchestral/chamber music for more future releases. Le San’s new single Nocturne to Luz Ofelia has been chosen by multiple curators of playlists on Spotify.

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