John Lennon Impersonator Javier Parisi Gives Special Invitation to His Fans

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Javier Parisi is an Argentinian impersonator of John Lennon, famous among many Beatles fans. He is currently working in collaboration with MYDIO Tech to offer a special program that invites his fans to enjoy the diverse features of MYDIO Sing to have fun. His fans are invited to join his special invitation link on

I hope this can be a form of appreciation from me to my fans who have been supporting me so far,” Javier Parisi said.

The program is up and running in the Philippines while Mexico, Argentina and Brazil are among many others to follow suit. “We are fans of the Beatles! So we couldn’t be happier to work with Javier Parisi to present this program. We’re very proud if MYDIO Sing can be entertaining to the music community,” said Indra Putra, Founder of MYDIO Technology.

MYDIO Sing is a karaoke application established since 2017 concentrated mostly in Asia and is well received in The Philippines and Indonesia as well.

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