How To Make A Song Like The Weeknd (Blinding Lights, In Your Eyes, Faith) | Make Pop Music

Hey guys! This video has been highly requested so today Austin’s showing you how to make a song like The Weeknd!

Preview 0:00
Intro 0:26
What Sounds To Use 1:30
Find The Drum Groove 2:25
Lay Down a Bassline 6:45
Add Keybeds 8:29 (Add Keys)
Expand The Keys 10:23
Synth Leads 12:48
Verse Bass and Keys 15:12
Add Layers to Chorus 21:20
Drum Fills and Risers 22:54
Make An Intro 25:14
Breakdown of Vocal Arrangement 27:30 (Vocal Mix and Arrangement)
Vocal Mix 27:52
Vocal Sends and FX 30:02
Final Song Playthrough 35:10
Outro 37:01

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