European Sun – The Future’s Female

European Sun releases The Future’s Female

European Sun Rising!

We are delighted to announce that the new decade sees the
launch of a new band.

Proud members of Europe, regardless of the place of the UK in
the EU, and humble advocates for humanity, equity and justice in
life, European Sun also make music.
The band’s first release, The Future’s Female, is a simple song
for the new decade, a rallying cry for progressive people to
have hope in a decade that threatens to be dark.
Songwriter Steve Miles was reflecting on a sad detail of his
mother’s childhood, the painfully true story behind the first
verse, when he realised that almost all the things that made him
despair, threatened the future, or endangered equality in the
world had one thing in common: men.
There’s plenty of humour and a sense of playfulness in the song,
which never becomes party political or sloganeering, and the
light arrangement, a cross between The TV Personalities,
Jonathan Richman and Heavenly, never lets the song take itself
too seriously.
Bristol-born Steve Miles writes, sings and plays the songs of
European Sun.
Rob Pursey and Amelia Fletcher play, sing and produce the
songs of European Sun. In the past they were in Talulah Gosh,
Heavenly, Marine Research and Tender Trap. These days they
perform and record as The Catenary Wires.
The Future’s Female also features guest backing vocals from
Sarah Corrie (Velocette, Comet Gain).
The song is released on the day the UK leaves the European
Union as a reminder of quite how we got there, while the band’s
name itself makes sure we never forget that we are still
Have a listen to The Future’s Female and then ask yourself how
many other songs you can name that rhyme ‘penis’ with

Twitter: @european_sun
Instagram: europeansunband

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