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Brands, Labels and Artists Web, e-commerce and content distribution

Advanced WordPress Managed Web hosting, e-commerce and content distribution services for the music industry.


MDX Alkali Digital Platform: Continuing with a legacy of more than 25 years innovating the world of  web hosting, our professional Managed WordPress  services offer the highest technical standards, Premium service and yet affordable for emerging artists and small companies.

 Mission: To bring to the global Music Industry the best possible Digital hosting platform and WordPress managed services capturing the experiences of the best engineers, implementing innovative workflows and creative approaches in modern service processes.   


Our Network

Global Reach

Our network can serve web pages and content to anywhere in the world using the fastest path possible, most of the time using a local CDN node nearby the users closest network point of interconnection.  That means faster web access to any user at any time. 

We can serve different bandwidth and concurrent users requirements. From Thousands to Millions of users per month and more!

Google's Cloud server room

Technology Partners

We work with the best on the industry to deliver rock solid web and content distribution at global scale.
Equinox Datacenter colocation space.

Our main focus is to provide a stable and fast digital hosting platform to fulfill  high traffic and network resources demanded by Artist, Labels and Event Web sites, we also can deal with e-commerce complex platform requirements. Using the best technology available plus the technical expertise of our Digital Platform Team we deliver a high-quality state of the art service that adds value (and Peace of mind) to our customers. 

WordPress Managed digital platform


We can execute WordPress web and e-commerce development projects and provide maintenance services to keep Web sites working. We care of all technical aspects of the Web presence of your Artists, Labels or Events. 

Web and app development


We can help extract more value from your web properties and expand the profit from your digital properties beyond the music royalties. We run our own Ad network and we had been developing innovative business models to take advantage of traffic. 

Web and content Traffic monetization


Our services

Web and e-commerce managed platforms

Web development

Consultancy and Projects

Customer Support

Service Support with SLA

Our robust network can reach great SLA levels, We provide customer support and promptly response to your requirements.

Priority Support

Can't wait in a queue?, you can get priority with our express and premium service packages.

Online service platform

You can order, pay and follow complex service cases using our online platform.


Most frequent questions and answers

When you don’t run your own web sites you are leaving a lot of money over the table. Any artists and Label should control as much content as possible outside of social media realm.  Over 55% of ad revenue is made outside all social media platforms.