DDF/JAM Records goes live October 15 with the single release of “JUMP FOR JOY”

    LOS ANGELES, CA, October 17, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — DDF/JAM Records goes live October 15 with the single release of “JUMP FOR JOY”.

The release of JUMP FOR JOY is a joint venture between No Brag Just Fact LLC and the Danny Degennaro Foundation.

No Brag Just Fact vice president CINDY MARGOLIS and Margolis’s manager, Neil Cirucci are partnered with the Danny Degennaro Foundation & DDF/JAM Records along with producers Ed Mero & John Austin Mulhern.

JUMP FOR JOY was recorded at The SoundPlex Music and Arts Multiplex under the watchful eye of producer John Austin Mulhern.

The SoundPlex is where the pilot series DANNY’S CREATIVE HOUSE was filmed (7 episodes aired) Danny’s Creative House was named for music artist.


Degennaro was a musical genius and prodigy whose life was cut short way too soon. Author John Farmers biography of Degennaro  WAY TOO FAST chronicles the life and times of Danny D. The book is due to come out Nov./Dec. 2021.

Danny’s Creative House “Kingfish episode” airs on You Tube & has interviews with members Michael O’Neill & Steve Shive, & Kingfish manager Steve Amoroso.





Neil Cirucci PR is a national media outlet

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