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Data & Analytics

Get better inside Understanding  on what is going on behind the complex and massive amount of data and stats on the modern digital Music Market. Get control over your data today and take better decisions.


MDX Data & Analytics: Analytics is the systematic computational analysis of data or statistics. It is used for the discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns in data. In the music and Marketing industry it can provide a unique strategic advantage that converts in more profit and success. 

 Mission: To bring to the global Music Industry the best possible information and discover patterns that can be  exploded to create better opportunities for success and profit.  To provide a better understanding on what audiences want. Help Labels and artists reach new audiences and Brands connect with consumers by cultural driven strategies. 


Our platform

Massive Data

We review and analyze data from 8 million Artists, 11 Million playlists and 70 million songs in context with mayor social media and streaming platforms.    

We can follow in detail how an artist or song performs, where are new opportunities to explore and how brands relate with artists and songs. 

AWS Storage server room

Technology Partners

We work with the best tools on the industry to deliver great information, answers to the most relevant questions.
Custom Data models to understand variables of success

MDX SCP Data analytics provide in deep knowledge of genre and artists audiences, with all the information over the table it is possible to develop more strategic planning and take less risks. Data is the number one tool to improve performance and create more revenue for any artists career. 

Data Driven Strategic Career planning


MDX RADAR follow artist relevant achievements. Custom and AI generated template Reports provide detailed information to follow songs  and general artists performance. It can be used to as a control tool to follow DSP generated revenue and as promotional content as well. Our Radar content is used to provide data driven proof of achievements that is used to generate content to support press and marketing campaigns.   

Data Driven Reports, Content and Marketing


MDX DDA can help Labels and artists to define best  song characteristics to  match Catalog / Projects objectives, to Achieve great results we analyse best performing songs on an specific genre and/or region in search for patterns or characteristics that can be followed in order to match audiences consumptions patterns. 

To run this analysis we work with Data scientists with several adapted data analytic models used in other industries such as Finance and

Data Driven A&R


Our services

Data analytics, Reports, Data Driven Content, Data and strategy

Custom data services

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Most frequent questions and answers

We collect data from different providers, the data is updated every 24 hours, most of the time we are better informed than the artists and record labels themselves, the reason is we ingest data from several providers and we confirm accuracy with control data samples taken by Humans. The team includes data scientists and Streaming and Internet tech experts from different backgrounds.